Locally Roasted Coffee & Freshly Baked Gooooods.

Open: Mon to Fri 07:00 - 17:00. Sat to Sun - 08:00 - 17:00.

38 King St W, Manchester M3 2WZ.

Whats on the menu today?


250g Coffee Bean Bags

Our signature blend is a finely-balanced blast of flavour from North Star Coffee Roasters.

1kg Coffee Bean Bags

It’s smooth and rounded with nutty, chocolatey, caramel and stone fruit notes. 

Factory Blend.

Our signature blend is well balanced and beautifully sweet, roasted by North Star Coffee Roasters. It brings together a mix of components from the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais (in the Cerrado), the Jinotega region in northern Nicaragua and the birthplace of coffee itself, Ethiopia. It is smooth and rounded with notes of toasted nuts, caramel, stone fruit and milk chocolate.

Locally Baked Goooods.

We say NO to wholesale! Everything is freshly baked by our micro bakery, factory baked. Focused on quality and unique flavours, our baker considers what will pair perfectly with our coffee blend.

See here our Hokkaido (milk bread buns) with béchamel, ham and organic golden egg.


We now have artisan brioche doughnuts baked by one woman in her kitchen in the Northern Quarter.

Everything is baked fresh daily from scratch.

Perfectly balanced and fluffy like a cloud. We are extremely lucky to have such tasty doughtnuts in our shop :)


All we want to do is fill your tummies with goodness! All herbs are selectively picked from our bakers allotment. Perfect for a Monday detox or to cleanse the pallet after eating.

Factory Coffee Press Release

King street west has been lacking the smell of roasted coffee and baked goods for some time! No longer, as a tasteful conversion and makeover sees the lovely stone premises on the corner become the home of Factory coffee, Dooley & Rostron’s front of store coffee bar and hatch.

Owned by Adam Dooley, experienced tailor and business owner in Manchester for many years, his specialty is pouring exceptional coffee using their unique blend, “We’ve cut no corners in researching, sourcing and creating the perfect blend” - Adam Dooley. Inspired by visits to America and Amsterdam, his mission is to mix rich textures with original flavours.

What you need to know “We're offering you lucky lot a BOGOF offer on coffee every Monday this Summer, Swing by for a taster” - Adam Dooley.

From feel-good breakfast brioche buns to outrageously tasty chocolate fudge sandwiches, you’ll find at Factory Coffee the cake counter packed with bakes made daily from our micro baker, Factory Bake. The kitchen will always be working to combine both classic, and lesser-known ingredients, be it whole-flours, sugars, spices or seasonal fruits. Look out for their weekly bake special – a killer combo of cake and espresso!

Factory Coffee will be proudly serving their very own blend, roasted in Leeds by the award winning North Star Coffee Roasters, brewed on a La Marzocco machine to serve that perfect cup. And if you are looking to cleanse the pallet, they also offer home-grown fresh mint tea, selectively picked from their allotment - that's ‘Mint!”.

Factory Coffee is picking up the sustainability challenge that so many of our local businesses are now behind – all their takeaway cups, food packaging, spoons, straws etc are made from plants and are totally compostable, purchased from Decent Packaging


Everyone is talking about our blend!

Tried and tested. We've had the stamp of approval by every local press company. Have an idea for a collab? Get in touch below.