Best Coffee Spot in Manchester

Why Factory Coffee Shop is the Best Coffee Spot in Manchester

Manchester is a beautiful city with a coffee shop around every corner. So how do you choose which is best?

The best coffee shop in Manchester is a highly debated topic. There are so many great options that it can be hard to pick just one. However, a few factors can help you narrow down your choices and choose the best coffee shop for you.

First, consider your favorite type of coffee. Do you prefer a rich and bold coffee or a lighter and more mellow flavour?

Next, think about what atmosphere you prefer. Do you prefer a cosy and intimate setting or a more lively and vibrant one?

Finally, consider your budget,  so you can easily find one that’s affordable for you.

Keep these factors in mind when choosing the best coffee shop in Manchester, and you’re sure to find the perfect one for you!

Here are some reasons why Factory Coffee Mcr is the best coffee shop in Manchester.


When it comes to coffee shops, feel and ambiance are important. The Factory Coffee location is the best spot in Manchester where you can get a sun trap and watch the world go by through the hatches. Many of Manchester's best coffee shops have traditional spring seating, but the seating area at The Factory Coffee is covered from the rain. This allows for a natural flow in the shop and a better view of the world.

The Type of Coffee Shop

The second thing to consider is the type of coffee shop. Are you looking for a trendy hang-out with modern furniture and an outside seating area, or do you prefer a more traditional shop where you can enjoy your coffee and cake in peace?

Then factory coffee may be a good option for you. The coffee shop and hatch are both elegant and lovely in design. If you want something different from your normal cafe experience, then look no further. Factory Coffee serves the best coffee in Manchester, along with a wide selection of high-quality coffee and snack options. You can also take home some sweet treats with every cup! 

Most coffee shops have a variety of food and drink on offer, so it's worth checking the menu to see what it is you're after. Some offer more substantial meals such as freshly made sandwiches by our very own micro bakery ‘Factory Bake’ or exquisite and unique pastries from local bakers. 

The Atmosphere of a Coffee Shop

The third thing to keep in mind about the best coffee shop Manchester is the atmosphere. First, decide what kind of coffee shop experience you are looking for. Do you want a cosy, homey atmosphere where you can chat with friends or catch up on some work? Or are you looking for a more lively, vibrant atmosphere where you can people-watch? Then Factory Coffee Shop is a good option for you because we offer a relaxed environment where you can sit back and chat or do some work if you prefer a more bustling and exciting atmosphere. 
Atmosphere of Coffee Shop


Whenever you come to our place to eat or drink, it will be clean at all times. Also, you can connect with Factory Coffee Shop, which consistently provides a clean and welcoming environment in which you can enjoy your food and drinks.

Quality Products

A coffee shop is only as excellent as the coffee it serves. A superb coffee shop always provides a wide selection of high-quality coffee and snack options. Look for different varieties of beans, diverse ways to cook them, and locally sourced goods.

Our artisan brioche doughnuts are baked by one woman in her kitchen in the Northern Quarter, DGHNT. You can also enjoy a little piece of New Zealand from Tahi Bakery and finally the award winning 🏆@wildchildcakes is now our exclusive cake supplier! Find her cakes on sale as a special here at factory coffee.

Cost of the Coffee

Finally, the cost of the coffee is always important. Whether you're looking for a small cup of coffee or a full meal and drinks, you want to be sure to get a fair price for the product. Always make sure to check out the prices before heading in.


Many customers who visited the factory coffee shop agreed that it is the best coffee in Manchester because Our coffee tasted rich, sweet, and smooth, and it is a superb, independent specialty coffee place with eco-friendly cups to go.

How the Coffee is Our Own Blend.

Factory Coffee will be proudly serving their very own blend, roasted in Leeds by the award-winning North Star Coffee Roasters and brewed on a La Marzocco machine to serve that ideal cup. If you wish to cleanse your palate, they also have home-grown fresh mint tea from their allotment - that's 'Mint!" Best Speciality Coffee Manchester is also offered, with options ranging from delectable espresso blends to rotating single-origin filter coffees. Whole and ground beans are available.

In summary, Factory Coffee Shop stands out as the ultimate coffee spot in Manchester due to its exceptional ambiance, skilled baristas, and high-quality coffee blends. Whether you're looking for a cozy place to work, catch up with friends, or just indulge in a hand-crafted coffee, Factory Coffee Shop is the perfect choice. Don't miss out on this experience, visit us today and taste the difference for yourself.

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