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Cha-ology Matcha Making Set

Cha-ology Matcha Making Set

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- Cha-ology’s Matcha Mokuren 100g: Slowly stone ground (not machine ground), for mixing with milk or baking. Rich and deep umami with a nutty profile.

- Chasen (bamboo whisk): Handmade by Tanimura Tango

- 20th Generation chasen master: 500 years of family experience from Ikoma, Nara.

- Mizuyasaji (bamboo scoop): Handmade by Tanimura Tango.

- Matcha strainer by Ippodo: Japanese company with 300 years of rich tea history.

- Kusenaoshi (whisk holder): Utensil to store your chasen on which preserves its shape


How to use:

This matcha making set from Cha-ology provides the basics for making matcha at home, focusing on high quality matcha and utensils for the best experience. Matcha Mokuren is a stone-ground latte grade matcha, perfect for mixing with milk into lattes or even baking. Most matcha for lattes/baking are machine ground, which damages the flavour with the increased friction heat, while the slow stone grinding process is usually reserved for high grade matcha to be made as usucha or koicha (just matcha and water). Matcha Mokuren is from Yame in Fukuoka prefecture and has a rich and deep savoury umami flavour accented with a nutty profile that pairs deliciously with any kind of milk. The chasen is made by Tanimura Tango, the 20th generation chasen master from Ikoma, Nara prefecture. With 500 years of history and family experience passed down through the generations, and constant communication with tea masters, these handmade bamboo whisks are works of art. Although chasen are consumable products, with care they can last years and included in this set is a card with detailed information on how to care for it best. For scooping matcha we have included a mizuyasaji, which is a bigger bamboo scoop traditionally used in the back kitchen (mizuya) of a tea room, easier for scooping larger amounts of matcha. The kusenaoshi is the perfect utensil for storing chasen on, and will ensure that the beautiful shape of your whisk is preserved. Lastly, sifting matcha is extremely important to avoid clumps that easily form in low temperatures, so included in this set is a matcha strainer from Ippodo, a company in Japan with 300 years of rich tea history.
Matcha – store in a cool dry place, or in the fridge away from strong smells, squeezing any excess air out of the bag gently before sealing. Once opened use within 6 weeks.
Chasen (whisk) – soak in hot water for a few seconds before each use, and rinse under the tap straight after use. Gently rub away any leftover matcha residue with your fingers, shake to remove excess water, and store on the kusenaoshi out in the open. Do not store in the box or in a cupboard unless it is completely dry.
Mizuyasaji (scoop) – wipe with a tissue or dry towel after use and keep dry at all times.
Strainer – wipe strainer with tissue or dry towel after use and hand wash with soap and warm water weekly or as needed, making sure to allow it to fully dry before using again.
Kusenaoshi (whisk holder) – wipe with damp cloth monthly, or as needed.

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